Danielle Rose writes fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat stories. Occasionally, her books feature an all-consuming romance. To learn more, click on the book below. Happy reading!



The Pieces of Me duet follows the journey of Jezebel Tate, a successful novelist, and James Blakely, a discharged marine. When their worlds collide, they begin an intense journey together—one filled with lust, murder, betrayal, and redemption. The Pieces of Me duet is a contemporary erotic romance series. Each book is a standalone story, but they should be read in order.



The Reaper Chronicles follows the journey of Reese, an unearthly with the coveted ability to charter souls between realms. Coined “The Grim Reaper” by her fellow unearthlies, Reese must hunt and send rogue unearthlies to a purgatory realm. The Reaper Chronicles is an urban fantasy series comprised of all standalone stories. It is recommended they are read in order.




The Blood Books trilogy follows the harrowing  journey of Avah Taylor, a mortal witch in the midst of a centuries-old war against the immortal vampire species. Avah’s intense journey is fueled by blood, jealousy, betrayal, murder, and revenge. The Blood Books trilogy is a new adult urban fantasy and paranormal romance series.




Her follows the journey of Avlynn, a freshman at Kemper Academy. When night falls and screams draw her from her room, she finds the truth is much more horrifying than any ghost story. This is a young adult horror short story set on Halloween.