5 Steps to Sell More Books

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So you’ve written a book. Now what? It’s time to sell! In today’s technological age, selling books is one of the easiest parts of being a writer. With social media, cell phones, email, computers, and more at your fingertips, it’s hard to imagine a writer’s sale chart not skyrocketing.
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10 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself As A Writer

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I used to be the only writer I knew (pre-social media times), but now, everywhere I go, I meet another writer. I credit self-publishing as the reason behind this newfound interest in the craft. Unfortunately, I’ve also noticed that writers’ attitudes toward both themselves and the writing community have dropped to disturbingly low levels. What people seem to […]
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Embracing Typos

  • Writing Advice, Writing Tips
Recently, I’ve seen too many social media posts from authors criticizing themselves for typos found in their published works. Even more disturbing, I see blame placed on their editors by saying things like “my editor should have caught that” or “I hired a professional editor, too!” Somewhere in the banter, I notice conclusions being drawn […]
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Plotting & Outlining 101

  • Outlining, Plotting, Writing Advice, Writing Tips
My most common writing advice questions involve plotting and outlining. I’m often asked things like “Do you outline?” and “How do I outline?” To answer the first, yes, I outline all of my novels. The answer for the second, however, is much more difficult to find. Outlining is a very personal process and is different […]
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5 Tips to Gain More Readers

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Building a following is crucial to success as a new writer. To sell books, you must have readers, but finding those readers is not a simple task. Below, you’ll find five tips every new writer should incorporate into his or her career.
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